About NATA

The National Automotive Trades Association is a federally chartered 'association of associations' brought together to present a unified voice for the Canadian automotive trades industry since 1947.

"NATA is essential to automotive service providers. That's why most of the major regional and provincial associations representing them are affiliated with NATA. The reason they belong is straight-forward: The leadership of these groups realize that through NATA they have a strong and united voice, a voice that extends far beyond their local jurisdictions. They understand how important this can be when it comes to 'grass roots' industry issues that are of Canada-wide concern."
- John Scissons, former executive vice president, NATA.

NATA has a history of competently representing the interests of automotive service and repair businesses going back several decades. Through membership in their provincial or regional associations, these businesses are affiliate members of NATA. No other Canadian automotive aftermarket industry association is as closely tied to these grass roots professionals as NATA.




Members of the National Automotive Trades Association of Canada are: