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NATA Elects New President, Reinforces Commitment to CASIS
Toronto, ON – February 6, 2019 - The Board of Directors and members of the National Automotive Trades Association (NATA) met in Toronto on January 24, 2019 to hold it’s annual general meeting and to engage in a strategic planning workshop intended to start the process of more clearly defining the future of the association. Read more »

New CASIS website launched
February 1, 2017 - Hamilton, ON -
A new website, has been launched by the CASIS partners to serve as a portal to OEM technical information websites plus helpful third-party resources. The site is provided as a free service for repair professionals. OEM position statements are provided where available from the manufacturer. There are links to helpful "How To" videos and other instructional information. You can find out how to become a Vehicle Security Professional to access key codes, immobilizer reset procedures, etc. There are links to scan tool and reprogramming information. Canadian auto manufacturers and distributors have committed to assisting the CASIS group in keeping the new portal current, with position statements and relevant alerts posted as they are issued.

With the launch of this new website, the CASIS-related pages on the NATA site became redundant, so they have been discontinued. Repair shops are encouraged to visit and bookmark the new website:

NATA AGM held in Toronto
January 27, 2017 - Vaughan, ON - The National Automotive Trades Association held it's Annual General Meeting in Vaughan, Ontario on January 26th. Rob Lang was re-elected President, John Norris was re-elected Collision Chair and Diane Freeman was re-elected Mechanical Chair and secretary-Treasurer. The association members reviewed its activities of 2016 and plans for 2017.

NATA introduces new website for consumers to find accredited automotive security professionals
September 15, 2015 - Burnaby, B.C. - The National Automotive Trades Association today announced the launch of a new web site at This site allows consumers and businesses across Canada to identify trusted, accredited technicians and locksmiths who are the only independent professionals allowed to access participating auto manufacturers' websites to obtain a customer's vehicle security information to repair a vehicle or generate new keys. New car dealers can continue to access security data through their car company.

“Applicants to the Vehicle Security Professional program are subject to an extensive screening process, including a background check, positive identification and a number of other vetting criteria,” explains Rene Young, Executive Vice President of NATA. “This ensures that only those verified as legitimate professionals are accepted into the registry. All vehicle security information access transactions are recorded and can be made available to law enforcement agencies or the Insurance Bureau of Canada as required in the course of an investigation.” Please call the CASIS Vehicle Security Professional office at 1 866 309 4272 with any questions. Read the full press release.

Vehicle Security Professional website and registry program now open
October 24, 2012 - Ottawa, ON - The Vehicle Security Professional website is now open and ready to accept applications for automotive service technicians, locksmiths and related professionals to become registered users. VSP allows automotive and locksmith professionals to qualify for access to vehicle security information necessary to complete certain repairs. Read the full press release.

NATA releases statement on OEM repair standards
February 4, 2012 - Burlington, ON - The National Automotive Trades Association recognizes published repair procedures, as provided by automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) as the official industry recognized “Repair Standards” for collision repair. Read the full press release.

NATA beta tests Vehicle Security Professional program.
February 1, 2012 - Following the development of an applicant screening program that addresses Canadian privacy laws and other challenges, NATA began testing its Vehicle Security Professional system (VSP) in late 2011. A selected number of shops are using the system to verify functionality of the infrastructure and availability of vehicle security information. Beta testing is expected to be completed in early 2012, at which time the program will go into general release.

NATA holds Annual General Meeting.
January 30, 2012 - The National Automotive Trades Association held its AGM in Toronto on January 27th 2012. representatives from all but two of NATA's member associations attended. Included in the agenda was the election of officers for the 2012/2013 term. Rob Lang (Richmond Motorworks) was re-elected as NATA's President and John Norris (HARA/ was re-elected as Chair of the Collision Repair Division. Diane Freeman (AARO) was re-elected as Secretary Treasurer and was also elected as Mechanical Repair Division Chair. Rene Young was elected as Executive Vice President.

NATA congratulates Canadian auto manufacturers on reaching CASIS implementation.
May 3, 2010 - Following the signing of the CASIS agreement between the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada (AIAMC), the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association (CVMA) and the National Automotive Trade Association (NATA) in September 2009, Canadian automotive manufacturers have been working aggressively towards the stated goal of implementing the CASIS on May 1, 2010. NATA is pleased to announce that this stated goal has been met. Read more...

NATA website updated in conjunction with CASIS implementation
December 31, 2009 - In order to prepare our website for the May 2010 deadline for implementation of the CASIS agreement, we began a complete upgrade in December 2009. NATA's role, as defined in the CASIS agreement requires a number of new features and French translation. Some features will be added over the first few months of 2010, but the new-look site is now up and running.

CASIS announcement video on YouTube, PART ONE:

CASIS announcement video on YouTube, PART TWO:

CASIS announcement video on YouTube, PART THREE:

Motion to Withdraw Bill C-273 Carried by Committee!
Ottawa ON, October 28, 2009 - Following approximately 90 minutes of witness presentations, questions and answers during the hearing in front of the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Science and Technology this afternoon, MP Brian Masse tabled a motion that his private member's bill C-273 ("Right to repair") is sent back to the House of Commons with a recommendation that it proceed no further. Masse and his colleagues on the committee were satisfied with the presentations by witnesses from the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA), the National Automotive Trades Association (NATA), the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association (CVMA) and the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada (AIAMC) and by the answers to questions put to those association representatives. It was agreed by all parties that legislation is no longer necessary due to the signing of the "CASIS" voluntary agreement and that the agreement should be given a chance to prove itself. The motion was carried.

Automakers and Aftermarket Call for Withdrawal of Bill C-273
Ottawa ON, October 28, 2009 - Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) supports the CASIS agreement.
Read the press release here ►

CASIS Task Force Issues Interpretation Guideline
Ottawa ON, October 14, 2009 - In response to questions raised about the reference to "engine calibrations" within the definition of "Data Stream Information" in the CASIS, the task force issued an interpretation guideline on October 14th to clarify the intent of that clause. This interpretation guideline has satisfied the concerns raised and is an example of how quickly and efficiently the task force can respond to emerging issues.
Read the CASIS Interpretation Guideline here ►

NATA signs Voluntary Agreement with Canadian Auto Manufacturers, Solves "Right to Repair" issue
Ottawa, September 29, 2009 - Automakers have partnered with Canadian service and repair shops to enhance consumers' ability to have their vehicles serviced in their local repair shops.

Dale Finch (NATA) announces agreement that solves Right to Repair issue
Dale Finch (NATA) announces the agreement as the honourable Tony Clement (left) looks on.

"We are pleased to enter into this voluntary national agreement with Canada's automotive OEMs on behalf of Canada's service and repair industry," stated Dale Finch, National Automotive Trades Association's Executive Vice President. "This agreement ensures that all auto manufacturers will provide access to service and repair information which will increase competition in the Canada's service and repair industry to the benefit of Canadian consumers."
Read the press release here ►

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Other News:

Small Business Financing Now Available for Spray Booths and Other Equipment
May 26, 2009 With small shops facing significant financial burdens in buying new equipment to meet the requirements of water-based paint application, Industry Canada has announced a program that should help.

"One of the issues we continually raised with Environment Canada during the low-VOC paint discussions, was the real difficulties that small shops were experiencing at the bank or their financial institution where credit rules have been toughened," said John Norris, NATA Collision Chair. "This program allows lenders a much high degree of safety and security in lending equipment financing monies to shops."

The program under the Small Business Financing Directorate of Industry Canada (CSBF) will allow small for-profit businesses with gross annual revenues of less than $5 million, to better access up to $350,000 for purchasing leasehold improvements or improving leased property or purchasing or improving new or used equipment (like a spray booth).

Discuss your business needs with a financial officer at any bank, caisse populaire or credit union in Canada. The financial officer will review your business proposal and make a decision on your loan application. Once the decision is made to offer financing under the program, the financial institution will register the loan with Industry Canada.

Loans can be used for financing up to 90% of the cost. You can use the money to finance buildings and lands, commercial vehicles and production equipment. Maximum chargeable rate by your financial institution is the lender's prime lending rate plus 3% for variable rate loans with fixed rate amounts being lender's single-family residential mortgage rate plus 3%.

A registration fee of 2% of the total amount loaned under the program must also be paid by the borrower to the lender, and can be financed as part of the loan. Lenders are required to take security on the assets financed. The registration fee and a portion of the interest are submitted to Industry Canada by the lender to help offset the costs of this program for the government. For more information please go to: ►